Battle of Chausa ( suri dynasty found in india1540-1555)

Mughal emperor Humayun attacked Sherkhan, the ruler of Bengal and Bihar, in 1537 with a the aim of bringing the latter's province under the control of the Mughals. Sherkhan was an able strategist than Humayum and he coped up a peace treaty with the Mughal king. When Humayun turned his attention from the east Sherkhan attacked him at a place called Chausa. In this battle of Chausa in 1539, Humayun was defeated and he escaped to Agra.

Shēr Khan. After he defeated a Bengal army, he took over the rule of Bihar. In early 1539 he conquered Bengal and, through clever deception, the Rohtas stronghold southwest of Bengal. At the Battle of Chausa on June 26, 1539, he defeated the Mughal emperor Humāyūn and assumed the royal title of Farīd al-Dīn Shēr Shah. In May 1540 at Kannauj he again defeated...

The Battle of Chausa

Title : The Battle of Chausa
Where (Place ) : South of Buxar (currently situated in Uttar Pradesh)
When (date) : June 26, 1539
Warring parties: Sher Shah Suri Vs Humayun
Result : Sher Shah Suri win start suri dynasty in india.

Sher Shah Suri was an ethnic Peshawari and Humayun belonged to the Mughal dynasty. The battle of Chausa took place 10 miles south of Buxar, which correspond to the modern day state of Uttar Pradesh.
Humayun attacked Sher Shah Suri with the intention of bringing the latter's territory under Mughal control. Sher Shah Suri was a master warrior and he convinced the Mughals to form a peace treaty with him.

When Humayun turned his attention away from this region, Sher Shah Suri attacked, caught him unaware and defeated him with ease. Humayun fled to Agra and Sher Shah Suri then assumed the title of Farud-din Sher Shah.

Sher Shah Suri Tomb at Sasaram
Historical Date Of India
Akbar moves the Mugul capital from Lahore back to Agra
1598 ad
British East India Company is established.
1600 ad
Mugul conquer the Decca sultanates
1601 ad
Akbar dies and is succeeded by his son Salim, who renames himself Jahangir
1605 ad
Jahangir defeats a conspiracy by his son Khusrau .
1606 ad
Jahangir marries queen Nur Jahan .
1611 ad
Jahangir's son, prince Khurram, pacifies the southern states and receives the title of Shah Jahan .
1617 ad
Jahangir's son, prince Khurram, conquers the fortress of Kangra, thus subjecting the Himalaya hills to Mogul control
1648 ad
Safavids reconquer Kandahar .
1622 ad
Jahangir dies
1627 ad
Afghan noble Khan Jahan Lodi is defeated and killed .
1630 ad
Shah Jahan's wife Mumtaz Mahal dies giving birth to her 14th child
1631 ad
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