Chronology date of Mughal period

Zahir-Ud-din Muhammad Babur.
born Feb. 23, 1483. death dec 26th 1530.
First Battle of Panipat 21 April 1526.(babur and ibrahim lodi).
Nasiruddin Muhammad Humayun
born Mar 6, 1508 death Jan 1556.

Bibi Ka Maqbara or Dakkhani Taj.1661 AD
Akbar (1556-1605)
Bahadur Shah 1 (1707-1712) Born 14 October 1643 Died February 27, 1712 (aged 68)
Bahadur Shah Zafar 1837-57.death 7 nov. 1862 , birth 24 oct 1775
babur birth 14 or 23 February 1483 death Death Date:: December 26, 1530 reign 30/4/1526—26/12/1530
Ahmad Shah Bahadur 1748-54 born 1725 (1725) death 1775,1776
akbar born 23 November 1542(1542-11-23) died 27 oct 1605 reign 1556-1605
Akbar Shah II (1760 - 1837) born 22 apr 1760 died 28 sept 1837
Alamgir || (1754-1759) born 1699 died dec.11,1759
The Battle of Chausa 26 jun 1539
babri masjid construct in 1527
aurangzeb reign 1658 - 1707 born 4 nov.1618 died 3 march 1707

Babur, a descendant of both Genghis Khan and Timur, becomes the ruler of Ferghana (Uzbekistan) . 1497 ad
Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama reaches India .1498 ad
Guru Nanak founds the Sikh religion . 1499 ad
Muhammad Shaybani defeats Babur at Samarkand . 1501 ad
Babur captures Kabul 1504 ad
Portugal lands in Ceylon 1505 ad
Qutub Shahi dynasty seizes power in Hyderabad . 1507 ad
Portuguese found Bom Bahia (Bombay/Mumbai) in territory held by the sultan of Gujarat 1508 ad
Portugal conquers Diu and Goa in India.1509 ad
Vijayanagar kingdom reaches its zenith under Krishna Raja . 1509 ad
Bahmani Sultanate splits into five Deccan sultanates . 1518 ad
first battle panipat . 1526 ad
shah alam || 24 December 1759-19 November 1806 born 25 june 1728 died 19 nov.1806
shah jahan 1628-1658 born 1 may 1592 , died 22 jan 1666
Babur defeats an army of Rajputs at the battle of Kanua using artillery
1527 ad

Babur dies and his son Humayun succeeds him 1530 ad
Afghan warlord Sher Khan Sur invades Bengal 1537 ad
Viswanatha founds the Nayak dynasty with capital in Madurai (south India) 1539 ad
Babur's son Humayun loses the empire to Afghan Leader Sher Shah Sur and goes into exile to Lahore 1540 ad
Sher Shah Sur dies and is succeeded by Islam Shah Sur 1545 ad
Islam Shah Sur dies and the Sur empire is divided among his relatives (Punjab, Delhi/Agra, Bihar, Bengal) 1553 ad
Humayun reconquers Delhi from the Sur ruler 1555 ad
the Mogul emperor Humayun dies and is succeeded by his 12-year old son Akbar under the tutelage of the Persian Shia noble Bairam Khan 1556 ad
Akbar fires Bairam Khan and assumes sole power 1560 ad
Akbar marries Padmini, a Hindu princess of the Rajaputana kingdom 1562 ad
The Mughul conquer the kingdom of Gondwana/ Garha-Katanga 1564 ad
1761: Afghani invaders by Ahmad Durani defeat the Marathas at Panipat, thus starting the decline of the Maratha empire
1764: Britain expands to Bengal and Bihar
1769: a famine kills ten million people in Bengal .
1772: Britain chooses Calcutta as the capital of India .
1773: Warren Hastings, governor of Bengal (India), establishes a monopoly on the sale of opium .
1776: Marathas conquer Mysore .

1757: at the battle of Plassey the East India company defeats France and gains access to Bengal
1758: the Marathas conquer Punjab .. 1761: the Marathas rule over most of northern India.
Rafi-ul-Darjat (1719) Reign 1719,Born 30 November 1699
panipat first battle 21 apl 1526.

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