Muhammad Ibrahim (1720)

13th Mughal emperor
Mohammed Ibrahim (محمد ابراهيم) was the 13th Mughal emperor. The brother of Rafi Ul-Darjat and Rafi Ud-Daulat, he took the throne in 1720, after a war of succession to inherit the short-lived Furrukhsiyar throne against the Syed Brothers. He was the claimant of the Syed Brothers after Muhammad Shah joined Nizam ul-Mulk Chin Kilich Khan Mir Qamar ud-Din Khan's camp. After the Syed Brothers' defeat, he was sent back to harem. He died in 1744.
Preceded by
Mughal Emperor
Succeeded by
Muhammad Shah
Muhammed ibrahim coin

Historical Date Of India
Thanesar king Harsha Vardhana is defeated by the Chalukyas (based in Karnataka) at Malwa (central India)
647 ad
Ellora caves
650 ad
the Pallavas rule from their capital at Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu) are defeated by the Chalukyas
650 ad
the Pallavas build a new city at Mamallapuram
670 ad
the Mahavamsa is composed in the Pali language in Ceylon
700 ad
the Shore temple at Mamallapuram
700 ad
the Pallavas rule southern India from their capital Kanchipuram
700 ad
the Arabs conquer Sindh and Multan (Pakistan)
711 ad
Kathmandu is founded in Nepal
723 ad
King Lalitaditya rules in Kashmir
730 ad
temples of Bhubaneshwar and Puri
750 ad
the Gurjara-Pratiharas rule the north of India
750 ad
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