Battle of Khanwa

Part of Mughal conquests
Khanwa, near Agra, India
Decisive Mughal victory
Territorial changes
Northern India annexed by Babur
 Mughal Empire
Western Afghan Confederates,Rajput Confederates
Rana Sanga , Hasan Khan,Sultan Mahmud Lodi

>12,000 soldiers including cavalry archers, matchlock men
500 Kabul reinforcements
15-20 Artillery guns (cannons)
120,000 horsemen
500 War Elephants
Casualties and losses

As a result of the Battle of Panipat in 1526, Babur became the ruler of Delhi and Agra.He founded mughal emperor in india.He now had to fight against two other enemies, the Afghan nobles of Bihar and Bengal, and the Rajputs under Rana Sanga of Mewar. Babur sent his nobles to unconquered parts of the country to expel the Afghans chiefs from there, while he was engaged in collecting the resources to wage a war against the Rajputs.

Rana Sanga was a brave warrior. He was joined by some Muslim supporters of the Lodi dynasty. He marched with an army of 120 chiefs, 80,000 horses and 500 war elephants, and the rulers of Ajmer, Gwalior, Amber, Marwar against Babur. Babur's army was comparatively small and were struck with terror and panic. So Babur appealed to his men to fight bravely. His men promised to support him. Mughals and the Rajputs met in the decisive battle of Khanwa in on March 16, 1527.

Rajputs fought bravely but Babur used the same tactics that he used in the battle of Panipat and thus defeated the Rajputs. Rana Sanga escaped with the help of some of the followers but died after about two years. This victory facilitated Babur's task as it enabled him to establish the rule of the Mughals in India.


Historical Date Of India
Akbar moves the Mugul capital from Lahore back to Agra
1598 ad
British East India Company is established.
1600 ad
Mugul conquer the Decca sultanates
1601 ad
Akbar dies and is succeeded by his son Salim, who renames himself Jahangir
1605 ad
Jahangir defeats a conspiracy by his son Khusrau .
1606 ad
Jahangir marries queen Nur Jahan .
1611 ad
Jahangir's son, prince Khurram, pacifies the southern states and receives the title of Shah Jahan .
1617 ad
Jahangir's son, prince Khurram, conquers the fortress of Kangra, thus subjecting the Himalaya hills to Mogul control
1648 ad
Safavids reconquer Kandahar .
1622 ad
Jahangir dies
1627 ad
Afghan noble Khan Jahan Lodi is defeated and killed .
1630 ad
Shah Jahan's wife Mumtaz Mahal dies giving birth to her 14th child
1631 ad
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