List Of All Mughal Rulers In India
After the greate period of the Gupta Empire and the reign of the Sultanate of Delhi, India saw the emergence of the largest ever empire with the rise of the Mughal rule in the country. The founder of this new state in India was Zahir-Ud-din Muhammad Babur, a descendant of Jenghis Khan and Timur the Lame. Babur had been thrown out of Central Asia earlier by the Uzbeks, but he managed to gain control of Afghan territories and then set his eyes on India by conquering which he could become more powerful and richer.
In 1518 and 1524 he attacked India and in 1525 he led a well organized army to Delhi. In the battle of Panipat, in 1526, he defeated Ibrahim Lodi, the last of the Delhi Sultans. The next year he defeated the Rajputs and then he succeeded in capturing most of the Ganges Valley.

In the Mughal dynasty he founded, six emperors were famous – Babur (1526 –1530), Humayun (1530 – 1556), Akbar (1556 – 1605), Jehangir (1605 – 1627), Shah Jehan (1627 –1658), and Aurangazeb (1658 –1707). Of these, Akbar and Shah Jehan were two of the most important emperors in the history of India.

Below you find list of all mughal empire in indian history...

Alamgir || SahJahan||| SahAlam|| AkbarShah|| BahadurZafar
Historical Date Of India
Mauryan Period 321-184 bc
Chandragupta born 340 bc
Chandragupta Reign 321-297 bc
Cha.gupta/ Selucus war 305 bc
Cha.gupta/Dhana war 321 bc
Bindusara Born 320 bc
Bindusara Reign 297-272 bc
Asoka Born 304 bc
Ashoka Reign 268-232 bc
Megasthenes 302-298 bc
Kalinga War 260 bc
Kalinga Edicts XV,XVI 259 bc
Next History Date  
Point To Remeber About Mughal
Mughal dynasty Founded
30 april 1526
Most popular Rulers
Akbar(1556-1605),Shah jahan(1627-1658) .
Jahangir Married
in 1611 jahangir married mihr-un-nisa ,the widow of sher afgan get title of nur jahan after marriege.
Panipat second Battle
in 1556 , Akbar and Hemu ,Bairam khan is in akbar reign his son name were abdur rahim