Nikusiyar (1719)

  12th Mughal Emperor
  throne at age of 40 plus
Neku Siyar or Nikusiyar Mohammed was the 12th Mughal Emperor. He took the throne in 1719 at the age of 40 plus. He was son of rebel Muhammad Akbar, son of Aurangzeb and was brought up in a harem in Agra. The local Minister Birbal (not the Birbal of Akbar's fame) used him as puppet and proclaimed him emperor. But as the prince had spent his life inside harem and talked like a catamite, he was laughingly ignored and again put in jail by the Syed Brothers. He died around 1743 at age of 63.
Preceded by
Rafi Ud-Daulat
Mughal Emperor
Succeeded by
Mohammed Ibrahim
Historical Date Of India
the Palas rule eastern India
750 ad
the Rashtrakutas, a Chalukya dynasty, expand from the Deccan into south and central India
753 ad
the capital of the Chalukyan kingdom is moved from Badami to Pattadakal
757 ad
the Kailasa temple at Ellora
757 ad
the Rashtrakutas are defeated by the Chalukyas, who move the capital at Kalyani (Mysore)
775 ad
Krishna I of the Rashtrakuta dynasty builds the rock-cut Kailasha Temple at Ellora
775 ad
the Pratihara king Nagabhata II conquers the sacred capital of the north, Kanyakubja
784 ad
Shankar (Samkara) Acharya founds the Hinduist monastery of Sringeri
800 ad
the Cholas regain independence from the Pallavas
846 ad
the Pratihara empire reaches its peak under Adivaraha Mihira Bhoja I, extending from Punjab to Gujarat to Central India
885 ad
the Pallava dynasty ends
888 ad
first Hindu temples at Khajuraho
890 ad
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