Panipat second Battle

November 5, 1556
Decisive Mughal victory
Mughal Empire
Bairam Khan
Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya
Second Battle of Panipat occurred in November 5,1556. Emperor Akbar, who was crowned in the same year after his father`s death defeated Muhammad Adil Shah Suri of Suri dynasty and his Prime minister Hemu (Hemchandra). This defeat of Muhammad Adil Shah and Hemu initiated Akbar`s reign. Humayun, the second Mughal emperor died suddenly on 24th January, 1556 as he slipped from the steps of his library. That time his son Akbar was only thirteen years old boy.Many Mughal Generals advised Akbar and Bairam Khan to retreat to Kabul as Mughal forces may not face Hemu's might and new awareness among Hindus to librate their country, but Bairam Khan decided in favour of war. Akbar's army marched towards Delhi. On November 5, both armies met at the historic battlefield of Panipat, where, thirty years earlier, Akbar's grandfather Babur had defeated Ibrahim Lodi in what is now known as the First Battle of Panipat. The Mughal forces were charged repeatedly by elephants to break their lines. Hemu was himself commanding his forces from atop an elephant. It seemed Hemu was on a winning track and Akbar's army will run away. However, Bairam Khan, the veteran of many a wars and an able general had planned otherwise. With a much smaller army ,his plan was clear. The warriors of that time, including Hemu wore armour completely covering their body specially the vulnerable organs except the eyes. After repeated attempts a stray arrow could find Hemu's eye. Hemu, struck in the eye by an arrow was knocked down senseless, almost dead in his Ohda on the elephant. Not seeing Hemu in his Ohda, Hemu’s army was in disarray and defeated in the ensuing confusion. Almost dead Hemu was captured by Shah Quli Khan and brought to Akbar’s tent in the camp located at village Saudhapur in Panipat. General Bairam Khan was desirous that Akbar should slay General Hemu himself and should establish his right to the title of “Ghazi” (Champion of Faith or war veteran). But Akbar,who still was a child, refused to strike a dead enemy, just to be called a Ghazi. Bairam Khan irritated by Akbar’s scruples beheaded Hemu himself.
The victory of Akbar at the Battle of Panipat in 1556 was the real restoration of the Mughal Dynasty to Power in India. It took Akbar 8 years to capture the territory which was occupied by Hemu Vikramaditya. It marked the fulfillment of the destiny of Mughals in India as rulers.

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